Inventory Accuracy & Control

Whether you’re still using paper and pen, already have a Warehouse Management System (WMS), or are ready to take on RFID, we have solutions to help you with warehouse inventory management and inventory control

Our inventory control solutions provide real-time stock-takes, allowing clients to keep track of current stock on hand, location of stock, and plan re-ordering more accurately. This greatly improves inventory data accuracy and visibility throughout the warehouse and supply chain. Applicable for every industry that requires accurate inventory management or asset tracking, we provide hardware and software to solve warehouse inventory challenges.

Take advantage of our hardware solutions including QR code, 1D and 2D barcode, and RFID scanners and readers. We have an extensive range of handheld, mobile, and fixed scanners and readers. We also supply hardware and software application kits that include everything you need to get quickly and easily started with barcoding or RFID operational transformation.

Our customised inventory management solutions are tailored to suit the environmental conditions, application, applicable standards/regulations, and operational requirements.

Stocktake & Inventory Management

Our solutions provide logistics managers with proof-of-delivery documentation, including electronic signature capture. These solutions streamline the process of receiving inventory. Quickly generate labels and store receiving information, using wireless connectivity.

Location Reporting & Time Tracking

Produce detailed reports on stock location, time tracking and movement of deliveries. Reduce operational costs by improving delivery times, accurately tracking items throughout the supply chain, and managing the pick-up and delivery process.

Planning & Reporting

Improve planning, reporting and reconciliation of warehousing data. Optimise delivery tracking solutions to help manage and track movement of stock, in real-time. Data obtained from delivery reports help to establish more cost-effective and efficient routes.