Data Capture At Entry/Exit Points For Secure event and site management

CFI Global provides a range of products that streamline event and secure entry management. Our solutions include card/ticket scanners and readers that can be handheld, mobile or fixed, for applications in gyms, offices, buildings, venues, and outdoor events.

Barcode Creation & Ticket Fraud Protection

Our Event and Security Management solutions allow users to create unique barcodes and QR codes for individual events. The unique name or ID can only be used once (unless specified otherwise), providing secure access and avoiding ticket fraud.

Event organisers will also have the ability to block guests at any time if fraudulent tickets are identified prior to the event commencing.

Attendee Tracking & Reporting

Our event data capture solutions provide efficient reporting of ticket sales, enabling organisers to quickly capture attendance.

Once scanned, event organisers can gather all relevant profile data of attendees. This valuable data can be imported into your CRM software for future lead generation.

Mobile Badge Printing

Our solution saves time, money and paper. Automatically print customisable badges using our host app at the instant your patrons/guests check in.

The printing solutions are completely mobile so you can use them anywhere!