Service & Support


To ensure we’re providing the best product and solutions for each and every business we ensure we listen to our clients. Our consulting service is important to get to know your business challenges and needs. It enables us to provide you with advice and recommendations tailored to your business.


We arrange a staged rollout of your projects to help you to efficiently implement your project. By first getting to know your business needs, and assessing your requirements and timeframes, we’re able to plan and assist you.


We offer kitting and bundling service to supply turnkey solutions for our clients. We often find that customers require a suite of products for their business. With research and thorough product knowledge, we’re able to assemble kits for customer convenience. Our solutions specialists will be able to advise you which products suit your needs and help you assemble a kitted or bundled solution.


If you require help, our team of solutions specialists are available to provide assistance and advice. We understand that implementing new technologies into business operations isn’t always easy. No matter what your query, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.


If you do run into any trouble with any of your products, we’re able to provide repair and warranty services. With an on-site facility at CFI Global to service repairs and warranty, you can rest assured that should you run into any issues, we will be here with local support, minimising any downtime and disruption to your business.

Service Request

Please follow the below steps to place a service repair / warranty request to CFI Global.

  1. Fill in all mandatory fields on the form:
Request Type
Request Date
Company Name
Contact Details (Name Phone, Address, e-mail)
Purchase Date
Problem Description
Returned Items List
Serial No.
Request an RA No. 
  1. Email the filled in Request Form to [email protected].
  1. Once you receive your RA no. via return email, write it on the request form and send a copy of it with the return parts.
  2. Ship return parts and request form to:
Attn: CFI Global Service Department 
CFI Global
39 Venture Drive
Sunshine West, VIC 3020

To ensure a quick turn around time, please ensure the Request Form is completed and a copy is sent with the returned parts.

Important Details:

Warranty Repairs

  • For all warranty claims, freight to CFI Global is at the expense of the requester. CFI Global will return ship free of charge.
  • If a Warranty Repair Request has been rejected, this will incur a minimum $60.00 inspection fee. 

Maintenance Agreement 

  • For all products under a service maintenance agreement, freight is charged as per individual contract arrangement (refer to your maintenance agreement).

Retail Repairs

  • For all Retail Repairs, freight to and from CFI Global is at the expense of requester.
  • A minimum $60.00 inspection fee will apply to Retail Repair Requests. 
  • When a Retail Repair Quotation has been accepted, the $60.00 inspection fee will be absorbed into the overall repair cost.