check-in with secure data capture solutions and check-out with satisfied guests and patrons

Whether you are a hotel, bar or food service venue, CFI Global hospitality solutions allows you to keep track of all key inventory information to effectively operate your business. Our hospitality solutions include inventory management, asset tracking, entry control, and passport reading.

Increased Productivity

Our solutions increase efficiency by allowing restaurant orders to be taken at the table and sent wirelessly to the kitchen.

Remove instances of error in handwritten orders, allowing staff to manage tables and bookings more efficiently.

Automated stock ordering systems allows for effective communication with suppliers.

Improved Guest Experience

Hotel self-service check-in and check-out enhances guest experience. Mobile data capture can be used to collect customer feedback that can easily be implemented into a CRM database. This data can be used for future marketing and customer retention.

Stock Management

Mobile data capture enables fast labelling of packaged foods with expiration dates, in adherence to relevant standards and guidelines.

Our stocktake solutions save time by eliminating manual counting. They support methods such as ‘Just-in-time’ and ‘first in first out’, helping to maximise stock turnover.