Light, eye-friendly and contoured enabling all day use. Denso Wave’s BHT-1500 is packaged with Easy Pack Stocktake Software in our exclusive Stocktake Kits with distinctive boxed packaging.
  • Quick 1D scanning performance
  • Lightest-in-class compact body
  • Largest-in-class 2.0-inch colour liquid crystal screen
  • Excellent operability. Contoured body with well laid out keys
  • Excellent durability/Reliable even when accidents happen
  • A microSDHC card can be used as an external memory
  • Excellent application compatibility with existing BHT-OS programs.
  • Files can be easily transferred by connecting the device via USB to your PC
  • eneloop® can be used. Recharging time is reduced by half compared to existing models
  • 3-year warranty provides peace of mind (requires registration)
  • Customisable with Denso Wave PC Accessory software (requires download – refer to link on this page)
Suitable for the following industries:
  • Retail
  • Warehouse