Designed for practical functionality that also allows comfortable operation with a minimalistic form factor. Special dome-shaped keys are used, which can be operated
easily by operators wearing work gloves.
Comes in either Windows or BHT-OS operating system variants which enables coverage from basic to enterprise grade applications.
  • Compact and easy to use with one handed operation.
  • Distinctive display even in bright sunlight
  • Long operation time between charges even when the unit is kept online
  • Equipment that can be managed with peace of mind using remote management.

  • Solid and robust device designed to protect both hardware and data
  • 3-year warranty allows customer’s long use with peace of mind. (registration required)
  • Remote desktop/web browser reduces development man-hours.
  • Quick wireless cloning for simplified deployment.
  • Choice of BHT-OS (Light and Robust) or Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Powerful Enterprise Grade)
Suitable for the following industries:
  • Warehouse