technologies that are ideal for Retail, Health, Warehousing, Manufacturing, and Hospitality industries.

Label Printers

SATO provide a range of label printers from small mobile sized printers to large frame commercial printers suitable for warehousing. High speed and accuracy when printing is critical when printing large volumes of labels. SATO printers are compatible with most applications that require direct or thermal transfer printing. SATO also provide a range of premium ribbon medial that is affordable and compatible with their printer range.

Mobile Printers

We offer a range of mobile printers that are ideal for Mobile Printing, Receipt Printing, Price Marking, Specimen Labelling, Route Accounting, Shelf Labelling and Point of Sale applications.

Desktop Printers

Our extensive range of desktop printers deliver rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout. Our desktop printers are ideal for Wristband Printing, Shelf-edge Labelling, Product Labelling, Healthcare Specimen Labelling, Small Office Mailing and File Folder Labelling.

Industrial Printers

Our range of industrial-strength printers offer high quality printing even in the harshest environments. Our printers are ideal for manufacturing, transportation and logistics industries where quick print speed, data accuracy and traceability of items, parts and materials are critical for day to day operations.

RFID Printers

Our range of RFID printers can read, write and print smart labels and tags with embedded RFID transponders. Transponders include integrated circuitry with an antenna and are designed to be programmed and re-programmed using radio waves. Our printers are an ideal solution for RFID supply chain compliance, tracking, security, and internal closed-loop applications.