Medical & Pharmaceutical Inventory Control & Patient Data Capture Solutions

CFI Global provides a range of medical and pharmaceutical inventory and equipment control solutions. Obtain accurate inventory control with our range of customised healthcare data solutions. Manage and monitor temperature and humidity of transported articles, location tracking, and stock levels. In addition, our healthcare data capture solutions can help monitor the current status of patients, and support staff to safely automate processes.

Remote Patient Monitoring & Medication Administration

The healthcare industry requires the most accurate, up-to-date information available. Our data capture solutions provide healthcare organisations with correct medical and pharmaceutical information.

Patient data is recorded the first time, diminishing the reliance on manual notes that create unnecessary double-handling of patient information. This increased accuracy and efficiency of recorded information helps ensure patients receive high quality care, whether it be at their home or in a healthcare facility.

Manage Inventory & Automate Inventory Ordering

CFI Global’s healthcare inventory solutions reduce operational costs and save time by automating inventory ordering, providing assistance in complying with Government regulations, providing accurate, real-time inventory technology, and reducing human error in medication administration. This promotes effective inventory management, decreasing the time needed for administrative tasks.

Labelling For Patients’ Safety

Combined with CFI Global’s range of printers and labellers, our healthcare solutions ensure that all material requiring clear identification is easily recognisable.

These solutions ensure that each label produced meets all regulations and is structured for the benefit of doctors, nurses or carers. Comply with GS1 standards and pharmaceutical identification, including GTIN, batch/lot information, expiry dates, and serial numbers on single and multiple packages, and case packaging.