It is with tremendous excitement that CFI Global is announcing the arrival of its revolutionary software, recaptureTM.

CFI Global has revolutionised mobile data capture software to accommodate the growing demand for local solutions for global challenges.

recaptureTM software is a streamlined solution, designed for easy operation and integration, by eliminating the need for complex and costly software.

A full set of functions are available to use off-the-shelf, including Stocktake, Receive, Pick, Dispatch, and Transfer of goods.

This software is easy to use, quick to set up and is extremely simple to operate due to intuitive navigation.

Implementing barcode or RFID technology has proven to increase business efficiencies and reduce operating costs. We’ve seen it first hand. CFI Global aims to be at the forefront of global technologies, strengthening its ability to be your single source for cutting-edge barcode, RFID and data capture solutions.

CFI Global invites you to transform your business with recaptureTM software.